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Based on a true experience when I inspected and old bakery which had been for sale for quite some time and located in Lincolnshire. It was the only building for miles around and it did seem odd at the time that a bakery would be in the middle of nowhere! I entered through the door at the rear of the premises and found myself in what I supposed must have at one time been the kitchen. The place was devoid of any furniture and had a definite ‘unloved’ feel about it.

I walked across to the old kitchen range and feeling that this was not the place for me went to leave. As I turned I felt some kind of force preventing me from walking away and had a cold sensation race down my spine. I can only describe my exit as like walking through honey. Every step seemed to be in slow motion. When I eventually reached the door and passed through it was as if I had been released.

Needless to say, I motored away from the place at some speed and never looked back!

That was in 1976, but the feeling has never left me. Maybe writing this novel will exorcise the ‘demon’, if that was what it was.


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