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A thrilling mystery that leaves you guessing until the very end.
Sebastian Carmichael is a world class concert pianist, but after a health scare he decides to retire and travels to Lincolnshire, looking for a new lifestyle. He finds a disused bakery for sale in need of renovation and decides to purchase it; however, all is not as it seems. Is Sebastian the only occupant of the house?
He meets the girl of his dreams, Briony, and is struck by her beauty, but she is elusive and he believes he may have competition from the local estate agent, who sold him the ancient bakery.
The evil history of the property begins to reveal itself and the story switches back and forth in time to encompass yet another romance in another era, between a young baker, Luke, and Bethany, a Gypsy girl.
Worlds collide as the mystery deepens, ensnaring the reader in its wake.
One reader writes in a review;
‘I think that this is the second time I got scared by a book. The first time when something similar happened was from Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.’
Another reader writes;
‘I hung on every word as I read the parallel love stories.’
If you enjoy a good thriller, mystery or paranormal romance, then you will love this book.



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