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“The dark figure in the doorway wasn’t smiling. Sebastian was oblivious to another’s presence but the shadowy figure followed his every move, a vicious sneer twisting darkened features. How dare this interloper invade his precious space!”


Wonderful Review for CASSEY

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Mistley Towers

At the Towers, we stopped at a low iron gate surrounding the ancient graveyard, the aged gravestones leaning this way and that beckoning...

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The Haunting #1 bestseller on amazon kindle

#1 psychic suspense.

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Raymond Hall is known for writing engaging and excellent books with English history as a backdrop, and one of his most recent books “Back to the End” is another stellar example of his writing.Amy Williams, August 4, 2019

The writing by the author really does keep you on edge with everything that goes on within the story. As the character untwists the mysteries and secrets, I found myself wanting more, and I could not wait to keep reading.Celeste L, April 29, 2019 any truly good mystery writer, Hall’s prose is as well-written as his plot. His characters are as likeable as the mystery is intriguing. And the mystery is, indeed, intriguing. You’ll never guess where it’s going.Stephen R. Wilson, October 20, 2018

In this and and other books by Hall, there are hidden mysteries within the main mysteries, and everything is all nothing as it seems. Written in such as way that readers are able to relate the characters and situations to their own lives, the story grabs hold of you and hangs on tight until you turn the last page.Catherine Grainger, March 18, 2018

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