Dare you enter the Witches Pond?

Abigail is about to meet herself in the past. In an instant she is trapped in the sixteen hundreds, forced to cope with life in a totally different time.

She quickly learns that in order to survive, she has to use all her developing womanly wiles. She needs a husband, because in this era, without the protection of a man, women have very few options. Four sisters, from her village, suspected witches, help her in her endeavours.

Several romances cross her path, and she takes every advantage they offer to better herself, until meeting the love of her life, Jacob. Will Abigail survive in this torturous era, or will she seek a way to return to the comfortable life she left behind so dramatically?

Released : June 26, 2016
ISBN : 9781981372454
Cover : Alex McCarthy

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Supernatural lover!

What an amazing novel! I have always been into supernatural stories because they give me a lot of new stuff to imagine, they have always caught me since the very first page, and this book did it as well!! I mean I do not have enough descriptive adjectives for this novel, I just liked it from the very start. The plot was amazing, it follows the story of a Claire who is the main character, she goes back in time to find the truth about herself in the XVII century, she has to face too many obstacles. I believe this book was amazing, it gave me a nice story full of supernatural stuff and it also gave me an adventure. Each page was something new to be discovered by me as I was reading, I just loved it and the author did a fantastic job when it comes to the writing!

- Margot Guadalupe, November 28, 2017

Great reading

I love it when a structure as traditional as the journey of the hero is done excellently and also pleasantly surprises you. If this is added a supernatural context, history much power. That is the case of "The Water Maiden", which in addition to the aforementioned has some well-developed characters and an incredible description of the places for which the protagonist travels. Totally recommended.

- Anamaría Aguirre Chourio, December 1, 2017

Naughty Times in Old Essex!

Absolute entertainment. A sexy tale from the 17th century! Bet you never have encountered THAT one! I loved the book. The author spins a great story here.

- Txcrudeman, March 6, 2016