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@RomancePenny: @rayhall47 Love the cover! Hate dolls! Should be a fascinating read.🤣
@ServantsAnd fellow author
@love_walk_life Yes a long time ago.
@abdelkaderbr Spot on!
@hhensell Author seems a bit presumptuous, so I generally label myself as a writer.
@jroberts1324 I did the same, and did not get a return from amazon ads. however I used his team for ad copy for my book, The Haunting. Their suggested ad for FB has been a winner, so well worth the expense.
Wonderful review for CASSEY, The darkness is coming.
https://t.co/xQiWH1IW1J https://t.co/HrHefqIadS
@conversinglight thanks for the rt
@conversinglight thank you
And still the accolades for Cassey pour in! https://t.co/ttcvNAAVAe
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