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Marked as to-read: Brother to the Ox by Fred Kitchen https://t.co/fktMoi918h
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Author Raymond M Hall@rayhall47
If you enjoy reading scary, ghostly, novels, look me up! https://t.co/P1wnkhaxuz
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@rayhall47: Latest release on amazon. Kindle and paperback. https://t.co/DHaGsLGqBB
Brilliant First Review forma new book. Cassey, The Darkness is Coming. https://t.co/RLgG9keUOR
5 of 5 stars to Cassey by Raymond M. Hall https://t.co/FhnWhM5dWv
Latest release on amazon. Kindle and paperback. https://t.co/DHaGsLGqBB
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✨ Sarah L. Hawthorn✨@VelociSarah
SFFH writer. Haligonian in ON. WIP: TDC, maritime gothic horror. She/They. Bi. Words @QueerBlades @The_Arcanists | Digital art @wombattalions
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@VelociSarah: Made a new aesthetic for maritime gothic lighthouse horror book 🔥🔥🔥

The more I explore this story, the more I love this book of co-dependent sisters, devil deals, raging storms, murderous hunger, ghostly interference, and secrets under the lighthouse 🚨 https://t.co/YLVll5mLzU
CASSEY is here! Beware the Darkness is Coming!
Amazon kindle and paperback. Latest release from Raymond M Hall. https://t.co/ldRqsrxL9p
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Bernard Foong@aharemboysaga
Author of A Harem Boy's Saga; a memoir by Young. A seven book series about the author's life in several Middle Eastern harems.
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@aharemboysaga: DEBAUCHERY https://t.co/QpCDXWLhjD is the 3rd book to a sensually illuminating true story about a young man coming-of-age in a secret society & a male harem.
#AuthorUpROAR https://t.co/iIOdfnkjtd
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Haunted Getaways@Haunted_Getaway
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@Haunted_Getaway: Winchester Mystery House. Is it filled w/ Freemason-Rosacrucian symbols & puzzles? https://t.co/Yv3MEAyVdU https://t.co/MwghSNsDaF
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Jack, the Hooligan Cat@GinnyStone
Author of books, blogs & columns. Chief cook & bottlewasher, creative meddler, pantser gardener - a crafty soul. Jack's minion. Wife. Mom. Gran. Mostly sane.
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@GinnyStone: Happy #caturday tweety peeps. Have a great day.
#CatsOfTwitter #hooligancat https://t.co/pr4kVpwm4r
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