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The Haunting #1 bestseller on amazon kindle

#1 psychic suspense.

PaperBack editions now available in Mudgee NSW

For those who prefer their favourite books in hard copy, all titles will be available to purchase at, “The Book Nest”. Church Street,...

Roger’s Rise to Incredible Failure – Out Now!

He abandons England for the sunny climes of Spain. But will the citizens of Alcasa survive? Roger Sidebottom weaves his path of destruction...

New cover

Bowing to the wishes of Amazon.com I have revised the cover to my novel, “Though Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live.” The...

Stranger Than Fiction

I recently came upon this YouTube video about Mistley Towers. A ghost hunter visits the towers and in the first one picks up...

Back to the End – Out Now!

Back to the End (Harry Bridges paranormal detective series Book 2) – Out Now! The thrilling sequel to “Thou Shalt Not Suffer a...

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