Murder at High Tor Manor - High Res


The third book in the Digby Rolf mystery series finds Digby at a crossroads. He leaves the church to set up a detective agency in London which proves to be a great financial success, although to Digby the endless divorce cases turns into a nightmare of boredom.

Through Masonic contacts, he is engaged by Lady Isobel Brewster, the widow of the late Lord Quentin Brewster, to investigate His Lordship’s apparent suicide. If it can be proved to be a case of murder, the estate will benefit from a huge life insurance policy.

Digby and his new assistant, Frederica, travel to Bodmin Moor at the request of the widow where they encounter members of the extended family vying for both title and the estate.

The mysterious manor house gradually gives up its secrets as one by one family members succumb to a violent end.

Digby encounters the mysterious ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’ a large black panther which, according to local legend, has stalked the moors for many years.

For once the good Reverend is at a loss and struggles to solve the many mysteries surrounding High Tor Manor in its remote location.


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